Australia’s Top 5 Best Hi Vis Polos (2021)

Australia's Top 5 Best Hi Vis Polos

As a tradie, investing in high-quality workwear is a must, not only for your safety on the job, although that’s the most important reason, the best hi vis polos will also provide you with durability, comfort, presentation and will prevent you from wearing out the rest of your wardrobe. Let’s dive into the hi vis work shirts best suited to your needs.

Best Value for Money: Genelg Hi-viz Polo

Australia's Top 5 Best Hi Vis Polos (2021): Best Value for Money: Genelg Hi-viz Polo

Whether you’re new to the tradie world or have a large team to provide uniforms for, our Genelg Hi-viz Polos are one of our best value for money options. The Australian Spirit polos don’t sacrifice on quality with a 160gsm 100% kooldri polyester hi-tech moisture removal mini waffle knit. As with all our polos, they’re available in blank or custom workwear with embroidered stitching, colour screen printing or digital full colour printing.

Best for Hi Vis Safety: Hi Vis S/S Arrow Sub Polo With Segmented Tape

Best for Hi Vis Safety: Hi Vis S/S Arrow Sub Polo With Segmented Tape

At Printed Workwear, we take your safety seriously. When it comes to the nightshift and hot weather months, our Hi Vis S/S Arrow Sub Polo With Segmented Tape is your go-to. This JB’s wear hi vis work shirt features segmented stretch reflective tape and complies with Australian industry standards, so you can rest assured that you and your team will be kept cool, dry, and visible.

Best Seller: Hi Vis 2 Tone Short Sleeve Micromesh Polo with Pocket

Best Seller: Hi Vis 2 Tone Short Sleeve Micromesh Polo with Pocket

If you’re a hands-on tradie or a die-hard DIYer that values a pocket with pen divide, you’ll love our best seller, the Hi Vis 2 Tone Short Sleeve Micromesh Polo with Pocket. Suitable for daywear with UPF 50+, this trusty polo will keep you cool and protect your skin from the harsh rays. At an affordable price point even when customised, this one’s hard to beat.

Best Breathable Hi Vis Polo: Mens Workcool HF Spliced Short Sleeve Polo Taped

Best Breathable Hi Vis Polo: Mens Workcool HF Spliced Short Sleeve Polo Taped

Are you a FIFO worker or tend to work all day outdoors? Our Printed Workwear Mens Workcool HF Spliced Short Sleeve Polo Taped features a market leading cooling innovation that harnesses your sweat to lower the temperature of the fabric to make sure you stay cool and comfortable. Trust us, with a sweltering summer on the way, this beauty will come in handy.

Best Innovative Hi Vis Polo: Men’s Short Sleeve Polo with Sublimated Panel

Best Innovative Hi Vis Polo: Men’s Short Sleeve Polo with Sublimated Panel

The standout Men’s Short Sleeve Polo with Sublimated Panel is an innovative hi vis work shirt made to handle the everyday jobs that tradies take on. The Cooldry Moisture Management Technology in the yarn is specifically designed to never wash out for long lasting durability, breathability, and ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable for a long day’s work.

Recommended: JB’s Hi Vis Rippa Sub Polo

Recommended: JB’s Hi Vis Rippa Sub Polo

Too many options to choose from? We asked our team to recommend their all-round favourite custom workwear to make things easier for you. JB’s Hi Vis Rippa Sub Polo has all the important elements including a moisture wicking fabric, chest pocket with pen insert, easy care fabric, and compliance with Australian standards. Kit out the whole team at an affordable price point.

Recommended: Cool Mesh Polo Shirt

Recommended: Cool Mesh Polo Shirt

Does your role require your workwear to be presentable as well as functional? Our Cool Mesh Polo Shirt, available in a range of colours, is lightweight and breathable and also features fabric treated with Fresche, a new generation natural antimicrobial for high performance, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, mould and odour protection so you can feel fresh all day.

We hope this guide helped you to choose the best Hi Vis Polos for you and your crew. As always, everything is available with the option to customise. If you’re still unsure which style is best for your needs, feel free to get in touch with our team with any questions or enquiries, contact us via our contact page or comment below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel. Australian Made. Buy Hand Sanitiser Online

Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel | Australian Made |Buy Hand Sanitiser Online

Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel – Australian Made – Ethanol Based with Pump.


We have secured a limited range of Australian Made, Instand Hand Sanitser’s arriving on 10 April 2020.  High Quality Hand Sanitiser Gel  Australian Made  Ethanol based – 70%  Brown Bottle with Plunger.

Available Now to Pre-Order. Ships on 10 April 2020.


15 Stylish AS Colour Products To Wear


Ensuring you’re dressed for the part is fundamental to a professional image. That’s why investing in high-quality and customisable work clothes at an affordable price is a worthwhile decision for any business to make. We’ve created this article to assess 15 AS colour products to help you select a uniform that is made up of high-quality garments offering both comfort and style.

Men’s Denim Wash Shirt
This shirt is the perfect piece of denim workwear. Made of 100% cotton, including a button-down collar, chest pockets, pearl buttons, denim weave and anti-shrink features, this shirt is a great all-rounder. Prices start at $68.36 per piece for one-colour printing when you purchase 20-49 pieces.

Men’s Official Zip Hood

This zip hoodie is exactly what you need during those cooler months of the year when a shirt simply won’t cut it. Made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester anti-pill fleece with a pullover hood, kangaroo pocket, metal zip, raglan sleeves and a lined hoodie, this men’s hoodie is an essential. Prices start at $68.36 per piece for one-colour printing when you purchase 20-49 pieces.

Wo’s Supply Hood

This women’s hoodie made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester anti-pill fleece is a must-have for your winter uniform. Offering a pullover hood, sleeves, a kangaroo pocket as well as a lined hood, sleeve cuff ribbing and a tonal draw chord, this will keep you warm all year long. Prices start at $57.16 per piece if you purchase 20-49 hoodies.

Women’s Tulip Singlet

The Tulip Singlet is a staple item for any uniform. It’s light-weight nature made up of 100% combed cotton as well as it’s curved hem, racer back detail, anti-shrink features and attractive cut makes it the perfect workwear item. Offering both comfort and style, prices start at $35.46 a piece for every 20-49 singlets you purchase.

Men’s Barnard Tank

This sleeveless tank with raw armhole edges is a light-weight garment suitable for the warmer months of the year or as an addition to a winter uniform. Made of 100% combed cotton with anti-shrink features to ensure it retains its original size, neck ribbing and a double needle bottom hem, this tank is an all-round winner. Prices start at $33.36 a piece for every 20-49 tanks you purchase.

Men’s Supply Hood

This supply hood is a perfect throw-over piece if you would prefer a hoodie without a zipper. Made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester anti-pill fleece, you can rest assured this hoodie will keep you warm throughout the cooler months of the year. It’s a hoodie offering both style and comfort and includes a pullover and lined hood, raglan sleeves, a kangaroo pocket, tonal draw chord and anti-shrink features. Prices start at $48.76 per piece for every 20-49 hoodies you purchase.

Men’s Felt Shirt

This piece is a long sleeve button up shirt adding professionalism to any uniform. Made of 100% woven cotton, the shirt includes double chest pockets and clear buttons as well as anti-shrink features to retain its original size and seamed sides. Prices start at $65.56 per piece for every 20-49 shirts you buy.

Men’s Chad L/S Polo
The chad polo is a long sleeved polo shirt including three button plackets as well as tonal buttons, ribbed cuffs, seamed sides, anti-shrink features and split details at the sides. Made up of 100% carded cotton, prices start at $40.36 per piece for every 20-49 polos you purchase.

Men’s Chad Polo
Similar to the chad polo but only in a short sleeve version, this polo shirt is made of 100% combed cotton and includes the exact same features as the long sleeve chad polo such as three button plackets as well as tonal buttons, ribbed cuffs, seamed sides, anti-shrink features and split details at the sides. Prices start at $37.56 per piece for every 20-49 shirts you buy.

Stock Cap
This snapback cap is perfect for those work environments in which you are subject to the elements. Offering protection to your face, the adjustable plastic fastener, stitching eyelets and light grey under-peak lining makes it both a comfortable and useful cap. Made of 80% acrylic and 20% wool and with a one-fits-all feature, prices start at $33.53 for every 5-25 caps you buy.

Blue Denim Shirt

You simply can’t go wrong with this classic long sleeve blue denim shirt. Offering a button down collar, chest pockets, clear buttons and adjustable cuffs, the shirt is made of 100% cotton. Prices start at $85.70 per piece for every 5-25 shirts you buy. This price includes embroidered stitching.

Colour Block Safety Tee
This safety tee is perfect for those work environments which require safety visibility for uniforms. Made up of 60% carded cotton and 40% polyester, this crew-neck tee includes ribbing around the neck as well as seamed sides, double needle hems and anti-shrink features. Prices start at $32.66 per tee for every 20-49 pieces you buy.

Dock Beanie
This beanie is the perfect addition to your winter uniform. Offering both comfort and style, made up of 100% cotton and using a fisherman’s knit as well cuffed hems and seamed sides, prices start at $46.10 per beanie for every 5-25 pieces you purchase.

Men’s Henley Long Sleeve Tee
This long-sleeve tee made of 100% combed cotton includes ribbed cuffs, three button placket, double needle bottom hems, seamed sides and anti-shrink features to ensure long-lasting quality. The tee is a regular fit and is mid-weight in nature. Prices start at $40.66 per piece for every 20-49 items you purchase.

Men’s Staple Tee
As the name suggests, this is a staple item to include in any uniform. Made of 100% combed cotton and including a crew-neck, this regular fit tee will be used on a daily basis. Prices start at $23.26 per tee for every 20-49 garments you purchase.

If you’re looking to create personal and customised uniforms for your business or workforce, then accessing a user-friendly website and experienced company is fundamental to ensuring you can do so in a quick and effective way. That’s where Printed Workwear can help. Offering free delivery on all orders, customer satisfaction, endless options and quality-made clothes, Printed Workwear has you covered when it comes to equipping your staff with the best uniform possible for the most affordable price.

Case Study: M.D. Projects (VIC)

md projects voc

In the construction industry, nothing is more important than teamwork. Even with naturally high amounts of team morale, workwear customized to show off your company logo and identity with pride helps bring your team together; visually and mentally.

We’re proud to say we have a lot of happy customers. Through this three-part case study series, we’ll be introducing you to some of the happiest.

Speaking to company founders and industry leaders, we took a closer look at how implementing our product helped them manage their team and business more efficiently and cohesively.

Meet M.D. Projects (VIC)

mdprojects team

M.D. Projects (VIC) is a specialist building and carpentry contractor, operating throughout Melbourne and across the state of Victoria.

They offer a wide range of building services, including commercial and domestic fit outs, renovations, bespoke joinery, and project management services.

With over 20 years of combined experience in the construction industry, founders Neil Milne and Lee Davidson realised that builders were struggling to build solid teams of reliable tradesmen. So, they set out to do the hard work for them, by building a strong, competent contracting team.

“We take great pride in our work, and our clients’ satisfaction is at the centre of everything we do. Whatever the size of the project, our team are aware of the responsibility they have for quality, excellence, and safety,” said Neil.

Before M.D. Projects made their Printed Workwear order in 2017, their teams’ day-to-day workwear wasn’t as closely planned as it is today.

“Most of them were just wearing the workwear you can buy for a few dollars at Kmart,” said account manager, Rosetta Martin.

“Because of this, we didn’t know whether they were coming to work in workwear that was properly hi-vis compliant.” she continued.

Besides these safety issues, when onsite with teams from other companies, M.D. Projects needed their crew to look and feel like a whole.

As managers were observing the work being produced, they encountered a problem – all the tradesmen in hi-vis looked the same at first glance.

“On some sites, there can be up to 15 men working alongside men from other companies. It was really difficult for us to tell from afar whether or not they were a part of the M.D team,” said Rosetta.

Customised workwear reflects your brand image, gives off a more professional, united image to anyone who sees it. And that’s not just limited to your clients. Think internally as well.

If you can’t tell who’s on your team with a quick glance, you could encounter issues of confusion or misidentification if a work situation goes awry. Customised workwear is the solution to that problem.

The Customers’ Key Expectations

When purchasing your work team uniform, there are some core considerations you’ll need to factor into your ultimate decision. You’ll use these to sort through a variety of workwear providers, before settling on your ultimate choice. For M.D. Projects, there were some clear expectations they had in mind when analysing and comparing their options.

“We wanted something that ticked every box in all the categories – something well priced, good quality, and with a decent appearance,” said Neil.

At Printed Workwear, we provide the best balance between these customer expectations.



“We sought quotes from competitors and read plenty of quality online reviews for Printed Workwear, making them our best choice, and the best priced and most efficient of the bunch,” said Rosetta.


Our Buying Process – Designed for ease of use

At Printed Workwear, we’ve intentionally designed our online customisation system to make the buying process as easy, quick, and visual as possible. In just 4 steps, you can see exactly what your product will look like in person.

“The process for buying was very straightforward, and definitely not time consuming. This made the process a lot easier, as when you are a busy company, these things need to be done quickly,” said Rosetta.

For customers’ convenience, we provide free design mockups, so that you can see precisely how your logo will appear on your order, before you make your purchase.

“We requested a mock-up from Printed Workwear via the website, and received a design back within 24 hours,” said Neil.

Through this process, you can also select the printing option that’s right for you and your desired look.

“We chose the embroidery printing option, as it gives a better quality, more professional looking product,” says Neil.

“The help that you receive from staff is incredible. You give them ideas, and they help you find a solution that suits you and your company, you don’t need to scroll through hundreds of different products to find what you need. Printed Workwear provides a personalised service. The personalisation of the customer service is definitely what kept us coming back,” he continued.

Final Thoughts:

Aside from this, M.D. Projects were adamant that our product solved each of their problems – in regard to safety and visual unity amongst their team.

“We have been using the customized M.D. workwear for over 12 months. With the Printed Workwear product, our crew looks and feels like a team,” said Rosetta.

“When our workers are on larger sites, they aren’t allowed on site unless they are wearing the proper hi-vis. When they wear their customised MD workwear, now we know that the workwear complies with the correct safety procedures,” she continued.

And as the weather warms up, we found out that their initial workwear purchase definitely won’t be M.D. Projects’ last.

“As it’s coming into the summer, we will definitely be ordering more singlets and lighter wear from Printed Workwear, and even for our office staff as well!” said Rosetta.

“We are very happy with the service provided and would highly recommend Printed Workwear.”

Top 8 Newest Designer Hospitality Aprons for Stylish Cafes & Restaurants

aprons for cafes - apron printing sydney

In the market for a new set of personalised hospitality aprons with your logo for your team? With so much variety out there, you’ll need to be on the hunt for something functional, durable, and stylish. It should match your interior decorations and brand, protect your workwear from being wrecked by rogue stains, and keep your staff feeling fresh during long days and nights.

Not only that, but dependent on your hospitality sector, your custom apron might need some extra features to speed up and simplify your workflow. If you’re a café or restaurant owner, your front of house and waiters will definitely need somewhere to throw their notebook and pen on the fly. If you own a bar, having a designated towel loop will help your bartenders keep themselves and the bar clean.

At Printed Workwear, we offer a huge range of customised aprons – from short, to bib, to longer styles. We’ve narrowed these down to the top 8, featuring modern, stylish aprons suitable for different types of establishments and workers.

Identitee Bronte Original Denim Short Apron

Bronte Original Denim Short Apron

This short, stylish denim apron is a must have if you’re regularly running about on the café floor, but want your staff to give off a casual look to your customers. Made of 100% high-quality indigo denim, it protects the vulnerable lower torso area when collecting items from possibly dirty tables. It has two pockets to hold your note pad, pen, or point of sale device, so you’ll be ready to get your work done with confidence and speed.

Identitee Byron Bib Apron

Byron Bib Apron

If you’re in need of a full coverage apron that doesn’t compromise on style, this is the one for you. This contemporary style is a thick-skinned apron that will protect your workwear from open to close. It clocks in at 260gsm – but the weight definitely won’t get you down. With a stylish leather look neck strap, reinforced rivets, and waist ties, this apron will stay firmly where it needs to be to keep you focused on your customers, not your clothing or comfort.

Identitee Brooklyn Canvas Bib Apron

Identitee have brought a strong sense of industrial style with this design, perfect for work in upmarket and trendy cafés or restaurants. The conveniently placed waist and chest pockets are easily accessible, with reinforced brass rivets holding up the cross over back ties with strength and durability. It comes in a variety of colours, features, and styles, so you can choose the look that matches your establishments’ aesthetics.

Biz Collection Unisex Salt Bib Apron

Unisex Salt Bib Apron

This is an apron that will blend with the visual style of any establishment, whilst remaining distinctive with the bold striped pattern. Made from high quality cotton, this apron hits the spot between durable and soft. With a large waist positioned pocket, statement chambray pattern, and adjustable neck strap, this is a flattering, functional apron your entire staff can adjust to fit their size and height. Additionally, it’s a great option for hospitality workers who work outside in the fresh air, as it features a scalloped longer back tail to give workers some extra warmth and coverage. With a unique, handmade look, this is a great fit for bakers, butchers, or brunch-style cafes.

JB’s Wear Cross Back 65×71 Bib Canvas Apron With Strap

JB’s Cross Back 65×71 Bib Canvas Apron Without Strap

This heavy-duty apron is impenetrable to even the most fast paced, messy styles of hospitality work, weighing in at 345gsm. This protective layer is comfortable, yet thick and durable, to make sure the clothes you commit to work with stay stainless. With a large, deep, double stitched waist pocket, you can be sure that important written reminder won’t fly out of your pocket. It features antique brass eyelets and shank buttons for an extra touch, and loops firmly over the shoulders, connecting to the back.

Biz Collection Unisex Urban Bib Apron

Unisex Urban Bib Apron

This Biz Collection hospitality apron keeps it simple and stylish with a youthful denim finish. It features a customisable coloured back strap, coming in colours like green, chocolate, navy, and denim. This way, you can create a look that matches your interior colour scheme perfectly. The straps are also removable and adjustable to your liking. If you’re looking for something a bit more lightweight, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this apron. Made of a 185gsm cotton-polyester blend, this is perfect option for those working in warmer climates. It has a divided front pocket, so you can stay organised on the job.

Biz Collection Bib Apron

Bib Apron

Bar work can sometimes get a bit frantic – and this is where spills and mistakes happen. But this apron has you covered at 190gsm. This is a longer style apron that can protect you from any drink that comes flying your way. It includes useful features like a handy towel loop positioned at the back, and pockets specifically designated for your pen and bottle opener. This design comes in colours ranging from fuchsia, to lime, to purple, as well as more traditional colours, so you can choose to make a statement or keep it simple.

JB’s Wear Bib Striped Apron

JB’s Bib Striped Apron

If you’ve got a variety of shapes and sizes on your staff, this is the perfect apron for you. Fitting towards a retro, vintage style, this apron would be perfect for a milkbar, café, or cocktail bar. It comes in one size fits most, making it an easy option if you’re looking to restock aprons for your entire team! Available in 27 colours, lengths, and styles, you’re sure to find the right one to fit your needs.

With the variety of aprons and selection of styles, not only should the apron be functional, stylish, and match your establishments’ interior; but it should also represent your brand. Every item on this list is full available for customisation, and whether you’re looking for digital printing or complex embroidery, we can create a customised piece that shows off your logo the way it deserves. Contact us for a quick quote, or jump online to dive into our range of modern apron options and start the customisation process.

Polos For Spring: Our Freshest Custom Polo Styles

best polos for spring collection to customise online at printed workwear

We’re all ready for the weather to start warming up, and with a change of seasons comes a need for new workwear. But on site, your uniform doesn’t just have to look good and represent your company well – it also needs to have the physical features that will help you get the job done with physical comfort, ease, and safety.

Firstly, your workwear should meet visibility standards, in order to keep yourself safe on the job. This can come in many different forms – from fluorescent colouring, reflective tape, to contrast piping. Every item you’ll see on the list below is fully compliant with relevant safety standards in Australian and New Zealand, but make sure to check closely if it is compliant for when you do your work, as some items are only compliant for daytime.

Secondly, your polo should keep you as cool as possible as the weather gets warmer. In spring, your priority switches from avoiding being drenched by the rain, to preventing uncomfortable sweat levels and overheating. You can do so by keeping an eye out for polos made of moisture managing, breathable materials to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. Polyester is one of the better choices – particularly, those made out of true microfibers, which provide a fantastic feel on the skin, and the highest quality performance outcomes. Besides certain fabrics, you may want to look towards polos with ventilation designs – this could be in areas such as the underarms or sides of the polo. These will increase natural airflow around the torso to keep you cool.

Then, there’s the style factor. With our wide selection of brands and polo styles, you can go for simple and casual, or make a statement with your workwear.

Read on to find some of our most popular polo styles that tick all these boxes for when the sun starts to come out.

Biz Collection Men’s Razor Polo

This sleek polo by workwear style experts, Biz Collection, has every feature you need to get to work comfortably and safely. Cooling wise, it sports grid mesh underarm panels to give the breathability a boost. Built with active workstyles in mind, it’s made of 100% polyester and is lightweight, at 155 GSM. With a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating of ‘excellent’, the critical parts of your body will stay protected from the sun’s rays. It also features contrast paneling and piping across the piece, to make sure you’re fully seen, no matter what kind of work you’re completing.

Visitec Warrior Airwear Polo

If you’re looking for a simple, classic style that gets the job done well, then this is the polo for you. With slimming, geometric prints, this modern polo sits just right between casual and modern. As part of Vistec’s Airwear range, this polo is made with pure microfibre, developed by Vistec to increase the airflow and space around the body on-wear. Additionally, it moves any moisture caught by the fabric away from the body, keeping drying times low, and comfort high. It was even tested and proved by the CSIRO to be 6 times more breathable than cheap cotton fabrics! Complying with all relevant AUS/NZ class standards for fluorescence and safety, this polo is a trusty faithful for those looking for something effective on the worksite.

DNC Workwear Hi-Vis Sublimated Blot Polo

This statement polo works just as good as it looks. DNC stands for “Durable and Comfortable Workwear”, so when you purchase one of their products, you can be sure you’re going to receive something fantastic. This hi-vis polo features 50+ UV ray protection, so it’s got your back covered from the harmful sun. It’s made from a low-midweight micromesh, with airflow ventilation on the underarm and upper back areas. Meeting the safety standards (Class D & F) for hi-vis garments, you can know you’re safely seen in this polo. With the colour as eye-catching as it should be, it’s great to know that this colour is created with environmentally friendly dyes, which are completely safe to wear against the skin. With a handy pocket and a pen partition, you can keep everything you’ll need onsite within an arms’ reach.

JB’s Wear Hi-Vis Net Sub Polo

This polo has it all. Made by JB’s Wear, this bold gradient pattern will keep you looking just as good as the product feels. Durable at heart, this polo is made is 100% breathable, soft-to-the-touch polyester micromesh. This fabric is also moisture wicking, meaning it brings all moisture into the fabric, dries it quickly, and leaves you feeling refreshed at all times. It is compliant with all day-time work hi-vis requirements. It has fantastic sun protection, ranking at UPF 50+. With chest button you can adjust to your liking, you have all the options to get your work done in pure comfort.

Bocini Hi-Vis Polyface Long Sleeve Polo with Reflective Tape

With Australia’s weather being as unpredictable as it is, it’s not a bad idea to go into spring with at least one long sleeve polo tucked away for good measure. But long sleeve doesn’t have to mean heavy and un-breathable. Charting at 190GSM, this long sleeve polo is a low-midweight option that’s perfect for when the chilly breeze inevitably kicks back in. Cleared for both day and night use, this polo features both hi-vis fluorescence, and some wide strapped reflective tape around the front and back, to keep you seen, day or night. It’s weight and polyester fabric keeps it easy for your skin to breathe on a long day, and even has anti-bacterial treatment integrated.

Liking what you see? Even with our top 5 picks highlighted above, we have a massive range of both hi-vis and regular polos available for your spring working comfort. All the polos you see above, as well as many more on-site, are completely customisable for individual companies, so you can represent your teams’ hard work with pride whenever you head on the job. Contact us for a quick quote, or visit our online store and go through the simple online customisation process to see what your favourite piece could look like.

Talking Industry With Maxcool Workwear

Written by: Emilie Carmona

This week, we’re beginning a series in which we highlight the hard work and practices of our favourite suppliers. First up is Maxcool Workwear. We spoke to the company’s founder, Bill Gulabovski, to deep dive into his business, a changing industry, and keeping up to date on the latest standard amendments.

In his 30 years of industry experience, Bill saw a widening gap in the workwear market.

Maxcool Workwear begun in 2013. I had identified a trend for cheap, barely compliant workwear coming into Australia. There was an ever-increasing gap between price-based product and fully compliant safe product. Maxcool Workwear begun as a way to put the ‘safety’ back into safety clothing.”

We pride ourselves on our small, dynamic team, providing safer workwear design at lower prices than the majors with their large overheads.”

These values take a strong spotlight in Maxcool’s product range. Sourced from pre-approved distributors, each product is made with the utmost comfort, safety, and regulatory compliance in mind.

And they aren’t simply just compliant. Bill shows a strong dedication to remaining ahead of the pack when it comes to ensuring his product is in line with standard amendments.

We quickly adapt our workwear range to meet the new requirements from government, and best practice from industry.”

Maxcool was the first company to comply with the new amended workwear standards of 2016 – only 4 months after the standards changed. Most manufacturers will only adopt the new standard when the old standards expire.” says Bill.

These standards, as any do, have the workers best interest at heart.

“Our mates need to be noticed not just seen. Biomotion taping highlights their arms and legs moving at night. We use the correct colour dyes to ensure high visibility.

Luckily, the amended 2016 Standards prohibit any possible design flaws in the garment – meaning no breaks in the reflective tape, and no vertical mesh panels on the side or back”

When reading up on product as comprehensive as Maxcool, it becomes apparent that safety does not just mean being visible. In this seemingly never-ending summer, keeping cool is more of a health factor than ever for workers in the construction industries.

“Heat stress is Australia’s number one weather related killer, so it pays to use a shirt such as Maxcool’s innovative new Vortex garments which feature flow-through cotton venting – a massive T-shaped venting panel on back of shirt, enhancing airflow, therefore less perspiration. Maxcool’s mesh panels are three times larger than other shirts – keeping you cooler.”

“There are new WorkSafe NSW obligations to provide work clothing with a UPF 50+ rating. Many are only 40+.”

Workwear Personalisation and the Law

Here at Printed Workwear, one of our defining product features is to personalise and customise workwear for teams, by providing logo printing, screen printing, and embroidery to any product we have on offer. We comply entirely to The Safety Garment Australian Standards. However, for our readers, we wanted Bill to clarify the restrictions on logo placement when customising work uniforms.

“The new standards crystallise what has been best practice in industry – to not embroider over or obscure reflective tape. Opportunities have arisen for increased logo enhancement, and Maxcool can assist with dynamic looking, fully compliant shirts.” says Bill.

Bill has also been a strong advocate online for checking and testing workwear for faults and compliance multiple times a year. We asked him to walk us through the process all owners of high visibility workwear should take to ensure they are safe, and stay that way.

“Record the date of issue and in 3 months perform a visual inspection of the garment. The garment will need to be replaced if it is badly soiled, faded, or damaged. Check that the reflective tape is fit for purpose. In addition, Maxcool offers 100 wash tape rather than the industry norm 30 wash tape.”

Community Initiatives within the Industry

Bill also feels that strong community initiatives are being taken within the workwear industry.

“Our work wear needs to be more inclusive and more aligned with the community. Steel Blue Footwear and Bisley Workwear sell their products with a percentage going to the Glen McGrath Foundation, and NSW Health wear polos with the original landowners design. Maxcool Workwear is definitely looking at offering more custom workwear in the future.”

You can purchase Maxcool Workwear right here on Printed Workwear.

5 Inexpensive Hi-Vis Clothing Options for All Companies and Budgets

In industries ranging from construction, mechanics, landscaping, and security – remaining visible isn’t just convenient for your team. Your visibility is a huge factor in ensuring the safety of yourself and your co-workers.

Written by: Emilie Carmona

Luckily, you don’t need to sacrifice a fortune for your safety, comfort, or style. Your options aren’t limited to a certain style, colour or fabric, and they each serve a purpose in differentwork situations and industries.

There  are some constants though – the options you’ll see below all meet the Australian standards for hi vis clothing, have your comfort in mind, and none of them will break the bank.

If you read on, you’ll learn the best (and cheapest) hi vis workwear choices for companies of all kinds.

1. Hi Vis Fleecy Sweat Crew Neck – $25.50

This sloppy joe is one of our biggest sellers for a reason. It’s perfect for overnight or early morning shifts, and as the weather starts to get colder, you’ll find yourself and your team itching for a warm hi vis solution to fit your budget. This Blue Whale Sloppy is the answer.

When you consider the warming heavy weight, range of customisable options, and that it complies with all required safety garment standards, the price is heavy on value, and light on your wallet.

2. Hi Vis Safety Vest – $11.22

Don’t want to risk being missed in the dark, and need a hi vis solution for while the warm weather lasts? This safety vest from esteemed brand Blue Whale is the one for you and your team, and at one of the lowest price on the market. It’s tough against the many elements you encounter on a daily basis, yet flexible for freedom of movement.

You can wear it over your work uniform, or even add a logo for a small extra fee, so you and your team can represent your company with pride.

3. Hi Vis Cooldry Short Sleeve Polo – $17.10

Another winner in our stock selection, this polo is everything you need on the job – si mple and effective. When we say this one is more breathable than any workwear you’ve tried, we’re not messing about. With moisture wicking fabric, it will grab hold of perspiration and stopdiscomfort right in its tracks. And when you’re standing in the sun day-in-day-out, thistechnology can make a huge difference.

Rather than the chemically treated moisture wicking products you may be used to, this polo is yarn treated. This means the moisture wicking effect you made the purchase for, won’t die out after you throw it in the wash. It provides a faster drying uniform and more comfort, time and time again.

4. JB’s Hi Vis Contrast Singlet – $16.82

This easy, breezy singlet is made of micro-mesh fabric, is quick drying and easy to care for. Even more, it’s great for those days in the summer sun. Also made of moisture wicking fabric, you and your team will be able to stay cool and dry on the job.

5. JB’s Hi-Vis Flying Jacket – $56.93

On the hunt for the full package, bells and whist les included, but on a shoestring budget? This JB’s Hi-Vis jacket is exactly what you need. It’s waterproof for those rainy days, includes display for a work ID, and internal and external pockets to hold all the knicks and knacks you might collect. Its inners are quilted, with a knitted rib collar for extra warmth. You’ll have everything you need for a day of work,without compromising on style.

With any of these 5 great workwear options, your team will be looking  professional, protected, and united on the worksite. And without breaking the bank. At Printed Workwear, we provide your team with an easy, reliable way to add a more professional touch to your hi vis work uniform. For a small fee, you can add your company logo to all the pieces listed, and any of the workwear options available on our website.

Our process is simple, and provides you with customisation options ranging from embroidery, one colour screen printing, or digital full colour printing.

Get in contact with us or visit our website for more information today!

JB’s Wear Expands Hi Vis Vest Range with White & Black Day Vests

JB’s Wear has been staying on the pulse in the workwear game. Releasing these new colourway options in it’s Hi Vis Safety Vest Coloured range: White Vests and Black Vests. These Hi Vis Day Vests are now available in 10 colours to choose from ranging from S-5XL sizes. These Hi Vis Fluro Coloured Vests feature a 100% polyester tricot for durability, two side pockets with Hook-Pile Tape closure and a Contrast grey binding.

To see the view full range of Hi Vis Vests and to order online – click here.

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