Top 8 Newest Designer Hospitality Aprons for Stylish Cafes & Restaurants

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In the market for a new set of personalised hospitality aprons with your logo for your team? With so much variety out there, you’ll need to be on the hunt for something functional, durable, and stylish. It should match your interior decorations and brand, protect your workwear from being wrecked by rogue stains, and keep your staff feeling fresh during long days and nights.

Not only that, but dependent on your hospitality sector, your custom apron might need some extra features to speed up and simplify your workflow. If you’re a café or restaurant owner, your front of house and waiters will definitely need somewhere to throw their notebook and pen on the fly. If you own a bar, having a designated towel loop will help your bartenders keep themselves and the bar clean.

At Printed Workwear, we offer a huge range of customised aprons – from short, to bib, to longer styles. We’ve narrowed these down to the top 8, featuring modern, stylish aprons suitable for different types of establishments and workers.

Identitee Bronte Original Denim Short Apron

Bronte Original Denim Short Apron

This short, stylish denim apron is a must have if you’re regularly running about on the café floor, but want your staff to give off a casual look to your customers. Made of 100% high-quality indigo denim, it protects the vulnerable lower torso area when collecting items from possibly dirty tables. It has two pockets to hold your note pad, pen, or point of sale device, so you’ll be ready to get your work done with confidence and speed.

Identitee Byron Bib Apron

Byron Bib Apron

If you’re in need of a full coverage apron that doesn’t compromise on style, this is the one for you. This contemporary style is a thick-skinned apron that will protect your workwear from open to close. It clocks in at 260gsm – but the weight definitely won’t get you down. With a stylish leather look neck strap, reinforced rivets, and waist ties, this apron will stay firmly where it needs to be to keep you focused on your customers, not your clothing or comfort.

Identitee Brooklyn Canvas Bib Apron

Identitee have brought a strong sense of industrial style with this design, perfect for work in upmarket and trendy cafés or restaurants. The conveniently placed waist and chest pockets are easily accessible, with reinforced brass rivets holding up the cross over back ties with strength and durability. It comes in a variety of colours, features, and styles, so you can choose the look that matches your establishments’ aesthetics.

Biz Collection Unisex Salt Bib Apron

Unisex Salt Bib Apron

This is an apron that will blend with the visual style of any establishment, whilst remaining distinctive with the bold striped pattern. Made from high quality cotton, this apron hits the spot between durable and soft. With a large waist positioned pocket, statement chambray pattern, and adjustable neck strap, this is a flattering, functional apron your entire staff can adjust to fit their size and height. Additionally, it’s a great option for hospitality workers who work outside in the fresh air, as it features a scalloped longer back tail to give workers some extra warmth and coverage. With a unique, handmade look, this is a great fit for bakers, butchers, or brunch-style cafes.

JB’s Wear Cross Back 65×71 Bib Canvas Apron With Strap

JB’s Cross Back 65×71 Bib Canvas Apron Without Strap

This heavy-duty apron is impenetrable to even the most fast paced, messy styles of hospitality work, weighing in at 345gsm. This protective layer is comfortable, yet thick and durable, to make sure the clothes you commit to work with stay stainless. With a large, deep, double stitched waist pocket, you can be sure that important written reminder won’t fly out of your pocket. It features antique brass eyelets and shank buttons for an extra touch, and loops firmly over the shoulders, connecting to the back.

Biz Collection Unisex Urban Bib Apron

Unisex Urban Bib Apron

This Biz Collection hospitality apron keeps it simple and stylish with a youthful denim finish. It features a customisable coloured back strap, coming in colours like green, chocolate, navy, and denim. This way, you can create a look that matches your interior colour scheme perfectly. The straps are also removable and adjustable to your liking. If you’re looking for something a bit more lightweight, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this apron. Made of a 185gsm cotton-polyester blend, this is perfect option for those working in warmer climates. It has a divided front pocket, so you can stay organised on the job.

Biz Collection Bib Apron

Bib Apron

Bar work can sometimes get a bit frantic – and this is where spills and mistakes happen. But this apron has you covered at 190gsm. This is a longer style apron that can protect you from any drink that comes flying your way. It includes useful features like a handy towel loop positioned at the back, and pockets specifically designated for your pen and bottle opener. This design comes in colours ranging from fuchsia, to lime, to purple, as well as more traditional colours, so you can choose to make a statement or keep it simple.

JB’s Wear Bib Striped Apron

JB’s Bib Striped Apron

If you’ve got a variety of shapes and sizes on your staff, this is the perfect apron for you. Fitting towards a retro, vintage style, this apron would be perfect for a milkbar, café, or cocktail bar. It comes in one size fits most, making it an easy option if you’re looking to restock aprons for your entire team! Available in 27 colours, lengths, and styles, you’re sure to find the right one to fit your needs.

With the variety of aprons and selection of styles, not only should the apron be functional, stylish, and match your establishments’ interior; but it should also represent your brand. Every item on this list is full available for customisation, and whether you’re looking for digital printing or complex embroidery, we can create a customised piece that shows off your logo the way it deserves. Contact us for a quick quote, or jump online to dive into our range of modern apron options and start the customisation process.