Are digitally printed heat transfers a suitable print solution for you?

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written by: Illy

You may have heard about digital transfers, but you’re still somewhat unsure whether they are suitable for your garments?

Keep reading below for more useful information on what digital transfers are and how they can be used to transform your plain garments into professional attire that will help make your business stand apart from the rest.

What are custom printed digital transfers?

Let’s begin with the basics of what digital transfers are and how they are used to decorate uniforms. Digital logo transfers are made from your custom artwork is printed onto the sheet of vinyl.

Once printed it is then cut, allowing you to have die cut shapes. The last step is to heat apply the transfers onto your garments/uniforms using an industrial heat press.

Digital Heat Transfers Printed with a Logo

A Close up Photo of a few Heat Transfers after being printed and cut, before being Heat Pressed

It really is that simple!

Close up of a Digital Transfer Logo onto a Special Paper Film, before being heat pessed onto a garment

Close up of a Digital Transfer Logo onto a Special Transfer Paper Film, before being heat pessed onto a garment

What sort of fabrics are best for custom digital heat transfers?

You can use digital heat transfers onto just about any fabric, except for those that cannot withstand high heat such as garments made from plastic i.e: raincoats

Custom digital transfers are best used for specialty fabrics such as ‘cool dry’ sporting uniforms that may require multiple logos on the same garment or best used for logos that may be tricky to embroider or screen/digitally print.

However they also work well on cotton, cotton blends, canvas, nylon and spandex.

You’re not only limited to just garments but transfers are also suitable for Hats, Polos, Hi-Vis workwear and any flat surface that can be placed under a heat press.


Close up photo of a Digital Transfer onto Caps

The pros of choosing custom digital heat transfers

Photo of a Digital Transfer being applied onto a Sports Cool-dry Polo

Photo of a Digital Heat Commercial Transfer being applied onto a Sports Cool-dry Polo

Digital heat transfers are excellent for artworks that have a lot of fine detail and that are vivid in colour. Using our fast high quality digital transfer service we can print sharp, clear, full color logo designs, including photo-realistic images. They can be applied to a variety of fabrics, such as cool-dry sports materials, cotton, spandex and many more!

A perfect example would be photorealistic images or even complex illustrations with gradients that have more than 4 colours.

Close up photo of a Digitally Printed Cap Transfer

Close up photo of a Digitally Printed Transfer onto a Sports Cool Dry Tee

With no set up cost, all you will need to consider is the quantity and size of the heat transfers.

As with most print runs, quantity plays a large factor in the quoting process of any job so the higher the quantity the more cost effective it will be in the long run for the customer.

Here are some recent samples printed for our customers with Digital Heat Pressed Transers in full colour printing

digital-print-onto-black-caps digital-print-onto-rash-shirts



How to care for your garments printed with full colour clothing heat transfers

It is ideal to wait at least 24 – 48 hours before the first wash of your garment. Never bleach or use harsh chemicals when washing your garment and it is recommended to wash only in cold water and to line dry. Always avoid dry cleaning as this will insure your garment lasts longer.

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Here are just a few samples of recently printed Digital Heat Transfers onto Workwear for our happy customers

img_2263 img_3350

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