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written by: Illy

1. The basics: What is embroidery?

Close up photo of an Embroidery Machine

Close up photo of an Embroidery Machine

Embroidery is an ancient craft that dates back to the early ages in many cultures.

It is the process of sewing/stitching to decorate and customise garments with logos, text and even images.

Almost any image or logo is digitised into a format that the embroidery machine will register and stitch.

Once stitched a ‘plot’ proof is used to show the customer what the final embroidery will look like.

This popular method of customisation is used to decorate and enhance just about anything including uniforms, fabric or any item of clothing and accessories.

Please see below for an example of a digital “before image” that is digitised.

Sample of a 3D Stitching Plot Proof

Sample of a 3D Stitching Plot Proof


“After shot” of the final embroidery

2. The possibilities are endless

Yes you read right, you can embroider onto just about any garment/accessory.

Provided the fabric can withstand stitching and is not of a delicate nature it can be embroidered with your artwork.

From polos to workwear jackets to hats, beanies, HI-vis vests and even bags!

embroidery sydney

The list really is endless, which makes custom embroidery a suitable form of personalisation if you are looking for something durable and appealing to the eye.

Speaking of appealing, read on to point number 3 to find out more about the aesthetic appeal below.


3. The aesthetic appeal personalised embroidery

Embroidery is simple and clean and has a premium look and feel to it.

You can wash your embroidered garments in hot and cold water, ensuring you get lots of wear out of your garments.

For example for those that work in hospitality or the automobile industry, can throw their garments in hot water and not be concerned about it washing out or the embroidery coming apart after a few uses.

With hundreds of colour options for threading, you simply cannot go wrong!

With hundreds of colour options for embroidery threading, you simply cannot go wrong!

4. Cost

Cost always plays a factor when looking to place any kind of custom embroidery order.

It is common to be charged a set up cost as the process of setting up your logo or artwork will involve time in setting up and digitising your logo or artwork.

Purchasing a bigger quantity for your order can reduce the cost of each item/garment.

If you are working within a budget it is wise to consider whether you do both front and back embroidery or whether one side will suffice.

Another aspect to consider is overall size of the artwork. With embroidery you can go as small as 8.5cm in width – all the way up to A4 size for the back of a garment. The cost involve will vary depending on the size the bigger the embroidery size the higher the cost.

Some of the points above are good things to think about before placing an order.

embroidery threads

We stock over 100+ embroidery colour threads, to ensure your logo colour is accurately matched.

Have a rough budget in mind and an estimate of how many garments you need for your first (or maybe second) embroidery run.

Another good tip to remember is there is a minimum run of five garments, so you can always start small and then add more garments to your next order.

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Here are just a few samples of recently Embroidered Workwear for our happy customers

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