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About Max Cool Workwear Clothing

MAXCOOL Workwear is Australian – family owned and operated – we pay taxes and wages in Australia.

Maxcool Workwear puts the ‘safety’ back into ‘safety clothing’.

Our fellow workers are being exposed to greater risks, drivers are not slowing down, collisions between workers and vehicles are increasing at alarming rate. Maxcool’s 2016 compliant workwear is not price driven – Maxcool workwear is safety driven.

Maxcool is Australia’s most innovative workwear manufacturer. Maxcool quickly adapts its workwear range to meet new requirements from government and best practice from industry.

Working to Australian and NZ Standards, Maxcool Workwear was the first company to introduce the new amended Standard 2016 compliant workwear – only four months from Standard changing to our workers wearing the latest updated workwear.

Maxcool cares about you and your workwear. Max Cool Workwear: Shop Online & Buy Maxcool Workwear