Polos For Spring: Our Freshest Custom Polo Styles

best polos for spring collection to customise online at printed workwear

We’re all ready for the weather to start warming up, and with a change of seasons comes a need for new workwear. But on site, your uniform doesn’t just have to look good and represent your company well – it also needs to have the physical features that will help you get the job done with physical comfort, ease, and safety.

Firstly, your workwear should meet visibility standards, in order to keep yourself safe on the job. This can come in many different forms – from fluorescent colouring, reflective tape, to contrast piping. Every item you’ll see on the list below is fully compliant with relevant safety standards in Australian and New Zealand, but make sure to check closely if it is compliant for when you do your work, as some items are only compliant for daytime.

Secondly, your polo should keep you as cool as possible as the weather gets warmer. In spring, your priority switches from avoiding being drenched by the rain, to preventing uncomfortable sweat levels and overheating. You can do so by keeping an eye out for polos made of moisture managing, breathable materials to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. Polyester is one of the better choices – particularly, those made out of true microfibers, which provide a fantastic feel on the skin, and the highest quality performance outcomes. Besides certain fabrics, you may want to look towards polos with ventilation designs – this could be in areas such as the underarms or sides of the polo. These will increase natural airflow around the torso to keep you cool.

Then, there’s the style factor. With our wide selection of brands and polo styles, you can go for simple and casual, or make a statement with your workwear.

Read on to find some of our most popular polo styles that tick all these boxes for when the sun starts to come out.

Biz Collection Men’s Razor Polo

This sleek polo by workwear style experts, Biz Collection, has every feature you need to get to work comfortably and safely. Cooling wise, it sports grid mesh underarm panels to give the breathability a boost. Built with active workstyles in mind, it’s made of 100% polyester and is lightweight, at 155 GSM. With a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating of ‘excellent’, the critical parts of your body will stay protected from the sun’s rays. It also features contrast paneling and piping across the piece, to make sure you’re fully seen, no matter what kind of work you’re completing.

Visitec Warrior Airwear Polo

If you’re looking for a simple, classic style that gets the job done well, then this is the polo for you. With slimming, geometric prints, this modern polo sits just right between casual and modern. As part of Vistec’s Airwear range, this polo is made with pure microfibre, developed by Vistec to increase the airflow and space around the body on-wear. Additionally, it moves any moisture caught by the fabric away from the body, keeping drying times low, and comfort high. It was even tested and proved by the CSIRO to be 6 times more breathable than cheap cotton fabrics! Complying with all relevant AUS/NZ class standards for fluorescence and safety, this polo is a trusty faithful for those looking for something effective on the worksite.

DNC Workwear Hi-Vis Sublimated Blot Polo

This statement polo works just as good as it looks. DNC stands for “Durable and Comfortable Workwear”, so when you purchase one of their products, you can be sure you’re going to receive something fantastic. This hi-vis polo features 50+ UV ray protection, so it’s got your back covered from the harmful sun. It’s made from a low-midweight micromesh, with airflow ventilation on the underarm and upper back areas. Meeting the safety standards (Class D & F) for hi-vis garments, you can know you’re safely seen in this polo. With the colour as eye-catching as it should be, it’s great to know that this colour is created with environmentally friendly dyes, which are completely safe to wear against the skin. With a handy pocket and a pen partition, you can keep everything you’ll need onsite within an arms’ reach.

JB’s Wear Hi-Vis Net Sub Polo

This polo has it all. Made by JB’s Wear, this bold gradient pattern will keep you looking just as good as the product feels. Durable at heart, this polo is made is 100% breathable, soft-to-the-touch polyester micromesh. This fabric is also moisture wicking, meaning it brings all moisture into the fabric, dries it quickly, and leaves you feeling refreshed at all times. It is compliant with all day-time work hi-vis requirements. It has fantastic sun protection, ranking at UPF 50+. With chest button you can adjust to your liking, you have all the options to get your work done in pure comfort.

Bocini Hi-Vis Polyface Long Sleeve Polo with Reflective Tape

With Australia’s weather being as unpredictable as it is, it’s not a bad idea to go into spring with at least one long sleeve polo tucked away for good measure. But long sleeve doesn’t have to mean heavy and un-breathable. Charting at 190GSM, this long sleeve polo is a low-midweight option that’s perfect for when the chilly breeze inevitably kicks back in. Cleared for both day and night use, this polo features both hi-vis fluorescence, and some wide strapped reflective tape around the front and back, to keep you seen, day or night. It’s weight and polyester fabric keeps it easy for your skin to breathe on a long day, and even has anti-bacterial treatment integrated.

Liking what you see? Even with our top 5 picks highlighted above, we have a massive range of both hi-vis and regular polos available for your spring working comfort. All the polos you see above, as well as many more on-site, are completely customisable for individual companies, so you can represent your teams’ hard work with pride whenever you head on the job. Contact us for a quick quote, or visit our online store and go through the simple online customisation process to see what your favourite piece could look like.