Case Study: M.D. Projects (VIC)

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In the construction industry, nothing is more important than teamwork. Even with naturally high amounts of team morale, workwear customized to show off your company logo and identity with pride helps bring your team together; visually and mentally.

We’re proud to say we have a lot of happy customers. Through this three-part case study series, we’ll be introducing you to some of the happiest.

Speaking to company founders and industry leaders, we took a closer look at how implementing our product helped them manage their team and business more efficiently and cohesively.

Meet M.D. Projects (VIC)

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M.D. Projects (VIC) is a specialist building and carpentry contractor, operating throughout Melbourne and across the state of Victoria.

They offer a wide range of building services, including commercial and domestic fit outs, renovations, bespoke joinery, and project management services.

With over 20 years of combined experience in the construction industry, founders Neil Milne and Lee Davidson realised that builders were struggling to build solid teams of reliable tradesmen. So, they set out to do the hard work for them, by building a strong, competent contracting team.

“We take great pride in our work, and our clients’ satisfaction is at the centre of everything we do. Whatever the size of the project, our team are aware of the responsibility they have for quality, excellence, and safety,” said Neil.

Before M.D. Projects made their Printed Workwear order in 2017, their teams’ day-to-day workwear wasn’t as closely planned as it is today.

“Most of them were just wearing the workwear you can buy for a few dollars at Kmart,” said account manager, Rosetta Martin.

“Because of this, we didn’t know whether they were coming to work in workwear that was properly hi-vis compliant.” she continued.

Besides these safety issues, when onsite with teams from other companies, M.D. Projects needed their crew to look and feel like a whole.

As managers were observing the work being produced, they encountered a problem – all the tradesmen in hi-vis looked the same at first glance.

“On some sites, there can be up to 15 men working alongside men from other companies. It was really difficult for us to tell from afar whether or not they were a part of the M.D team,” said Rosetta.

Customised workwear reflects your brand image, gives off a more professional, united image to anyone who sees it. And that’s not just limited to your clients. Think internally as well.

If you can’t tell who’s on your team with a quick glance, you could encounter issues of confusion or misidentification if a work situation goes awry. Customised workwear is the solution to that problem.

The Customers’ Key Expectations

When purchasing your work team uniform, there are some core considerations you’ll need to factor into your ultimate decision. You’ll use these to sort through a variety of workwear providers, before settling on your ultimate choice. For M.D. Projects, there were some clear expectations they had in mind when analysing and comparing their options.

“We wanted something that ticked every box in all the categories – something well priced, good quality, and with a decent appearance,” said Neil.

At Printed Workwear, we provide the best balance between these customer expectations.



“We sought quotes from competitors and read plenty of quality online reviews for Printed Workwear, making them our best choice, and the best priced and most efficient of the bunch,” said Rosetta.


Our Buying Process – Designed for ease of use

At Printed Workwear, we’ve intentionally designed our online customisation system to make the buying process as easy, quick, and visual as possible. In just 4 steps, you can see exactly what your product will look like in person.

“The process for buying was very straightforward, and definitely not time consuming. This made the process a lot easier, as when you are a busy company, these things need to be done quickly,” said Rosetta.

For customers’ convenience, we provide free design mockups, so that you can see precisely how your logo will appear on your order, before you make your purchase.

“We requested a mock-up from Printed Workwear via the website, and received a design back within 24 hours,” said Neil.

Through this process, you can also select the printing option that’s right for you and your desired look.

“We chose the embroidery printing option, as it gives a better quality, more professional looking product,” says Neil.

“The help that you receive from staff is incredible. You give them ideas, and they help you find a solution that suits you and your company, you don’t need to scroll through hundreds of different products to find what you need. Printed Workwear provides a personalised service. The personalisation of the customer service is definitely what kept us coming back,” he continued.

Final Thoughts:

Aside from this, M.D. Projects were adamant that our product solved each of their problems – in regard to safety and visual unity amongst their team.

“We have been using the customized M.D. workwear for over 12 months. With the Printed Workwear product, our crew looks and feels like a team,” said Rosetta.

“When our workers are on larger sites, they aren’t allowed on site unless they are wearing the proper hi-vis. When they wear their customised MD workwear, now we know that the workwear complies with the correct safety procedures,” she continued.

And as the weather warms up, we found out that their initial workwear purchase definitely won’t be M.D. Projects’ last.

“As it’s coming into the summer, we will definitely be ordering more singlets and lighter wear from Printed Workwear, and even for our office staff as well!” said Rosetta.

“We are very happy with the service provided and would highly recommend Printed Workwear.”