Talking Industry With Maxcool Workwear


Written by: Emilie Carmona

This week, we’re beginning a series in which we highlight the hard work and practices of our favourite suppliers. First up is Maxcool Workwear. We spoke to the company’s founder, Bill Gulabovski, to deep dive into his business, a changing industry, and keeping up to date on the latest standard amendments.

In his 30 years of industry experience, Bill saw a widening gap in the workwear market.

Maxcool Workwear begun in 2013. I had identified a trend for cheap, barely compliant workwear coming into Australia. There was an ever-increasing gap between price-based product and fully compliant safe product. Maxcool Workwear begun as a way to put the ‘safety’ back into safety clothing.”

We pride ourselves on our small, dynamic team, providing safer workwear design at lower prices than the majors with their large overheads.”

These values take a strong spotlight in Maxcool’s product range. Sourced from pre-approved distributors, each product is made with the utmost comfort, safety, and regulatory compliance in mind.

And they aren’t simply just compliant. Bill shows a strong dedication to remaining ahead of the pack when it comes to ensuring his product is in line with standard amendments.

We quickly adapt our workwear range to meet the new requirements from government, and best practice from industry.”

Maxcool was the first company to comply with the new amended workwear standards of 2016 – only 4 months after the standards changed. Most manufacturers will only adopt the new standard when the old standards expire.” says Bill.

These standards, as any do, have the workers best interest at heart.

“Our mates need to be noticed not just seen. Biomotion taping highlights their arms and legs moving at night. We use the correct colour dyes to ensure high visibility.

Luckily, the amended 2016 Standards prohibit any possible design flaws in the garment – meaning no breaks in the reflective tape, and no vertical mesh panels on the side or back”

When reading up on product as comprehensive as Maxcool, it becomes apparent that safety does not just mean being visible. In this seemingly never-ending summer, keeping cool is more of a health factor than ever for workers in the construction industries.

“Heat stress is Australia’s number one weather related killer, so it pays to use a shirt such as Maxcool’s innovative new Vortex garments which feature flow-through cotton venting – a massive T-shaped venting panel on back of shirt, enhancing airflow, therefore less perspiration. Maxcool’s mesh panels are three times larger than other shirts – keeping you cooler.”

“There are new WorkSafe NSW obligations to provide work clothing with a UPF 50+ rating. Many are only 40+.”

Workwear Personalisation and the Law

Here at Printed Workwear, one of our defining product features is to personalise and customise workwear for teams, by providing logo printing, screen printing, and embroidery to any product we have on offer. We comply entirely to The Safety Garment Australian Standards. However, for our readers, we wanted Bill to clarify the restrictions on logo placement when customising work uniforms.

“The new standards crystallise what has been best practice in industry – to not embroider over or obscure reflective tape. Opportunities have arisen for increased logo enhancement, and Maxcool can assist with dynamic looking, fully compliant shirts.” says Bill.

Bill has also been a strong advocate online for checking and testing workwear for faults and compliance multiple times a year. We asked him to walk us through the process all owners of high visibility workwear should take to ensure they are safe, and stay that way.

“Record the date of issue and in 3 months perform a visual inspection of the garment. The garment will need to be replaced if it is badly soiled, faded, or damaged. Check that the reflective tape is fit for purpose. In addition, Maxcool offers 100 wash tape rather than the industry norm 30 wash tape.”

Community Initiatives within the Industry

Bill also feels that strong community initiatives are being taken within the workwear industry.

“Our work wear needs to be more inclusive and more aligned with the community. Steel Blue Footwear and Bisley Workwear sell their products with a percentage going to the Glen McGrath Foundation, and NSW Health wear polos with the original landowners design. Maxcool Workwear is definitely looking at offering more custom workwear in the future.”

You can purchase Maxcool Workwear right here on Printed Workwear.