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Screen Printing – Retail quality with durable prints

Sample of a 3 Colour Screen Printed Hi Vis Workwear Polo

Sample of a 3 Colour Screen Printed Workwear Hi Vis Workwear Polo

Screen Printing involves the ability of transferring an image onto a garment using a stencil silk screen that has a fine mesh and once ink passes through with a squeegee the ink is then printed onto the garment.

Close up photo of a Screen Frame in the process of Screen Printing

Close up photo of a Screen Frame in the process of Screen Printing

According to Wikipedia, “Screen printing was largely introduced to Western Europe from Asia sometime in the late 18th century, but did not gain large acceptance or use in Europe until silk mesh was more available for trade from the east and a profitable outlet for the medium discovered.”

If you go through your wardrobe collection of old and current screen printed t-shirts, you would find that most of these t-shirts have been printed using a Screen Print technique. When you run your hands over a Screen print – you should be able to feel a slightly thicker ink, with an almost light-weight “textured ” feel to it.

Screen Printing Ink

Screen Printing Ink

Since the inks are thicker than using standard light-weight digital inks, this process is great for Printing onto Personalised Workwear and Promotional Clothing due to its durability.

Furthermore you can wash Screen Printed Workwear garments through both cold and hot wash without any fading issues.

Screen Printing onto TShirts

Screen Printing onto TShirts


What are some of the Advantages of Screen Printing?
– Cost effective for medium-larger sized qty clothing orders
– Screen Prints are durable: Can go through cold and hot wash
– Can produce vibrant and crisp screen printed colours
– Able to match Pantone PMS colours
– Ability to print large quantities in a short period of time
– Can print with special effects including Gold, Silver and Glow in the dark screen printed inks
– Can print onto a variety of items including T-Shirts, Polos and Hi Vis Workwear clothing

What are some of the Dis-Advantages of Screen Printing?
– Can be costly for lower qty orders (due to screen setup fees)
– Can be costly for artworks that have a lot of colours (as each colour results in additional charge)
– Can be hard to produce Photo-realistic images
– Some fabrics cannot be screen-printed onto including fabrics that are coated

Here are just a few samples of recently printed Screen Printing Workwear for our happy customers

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