5 Inexpensive Hi-Vis Clothing Options for All Companies and Budgets


In industries ranging from construction, mechanics, landscaping, and security – remaining visible isn’t just convenient for your team. Your visibility is a huge factor in ensuring the safety of yourself and your co-workers.

Written by: Emilie Carmona

Luckily, you don’t need to sacrifice a fortune for your safety, comfort, or style. Your options aren’t limited to a certain style, colour or fabric, and they each serve a purpose in differentwork situations and industries.

There  are some constants though – the options you’ll see below all meet the Australian standards for hi vis clothing, have your comfort in mind, and none of them will break the bank.

If you read on, you’ll learn the best (and cheapest) hi vis workwear choices for companies of all kinds.

1. Hi Vis Fleecy Sweat Crew Neck – $25.50

This sloppy joe is one of our biggest sellers for a reason. It’s perfect for overnight or early morning shifts, and as the weather starts to get colder, you’ll find yourself and your team itching for a warm hi vis solution to fit your budget. This Blue Whale Sloppy is the answer.

When you consider the warming heavy weight, range of customisable options, and that it complies with all required safety garment standards, the price is heavy on value, and light on your wallet.

2. Hi Vis Safety Vest – $11.22

Don’t want to risk being missed in the dark, and need a hi vis solution for while the warm weather lasts? This safety vest from esteemed brand Blue Whale is the one for you and your team, and at one of the lowest price on the market. It’s tough against the many elements you encounter on a daily basis, yet flexible for freedom of movement.

You can wear it over your work uniform, or even add a logo for a small extra fee, so you and your team can represent your company with pride.

3. Hi Vis Cooldry Short Sleeve Polo – $17.10

Another winner in our stock selection, this polo is everything you need on the job – si mple and effective. When we say this one is more breathable than any workwear you’ve tried, we’re not messing about. With moisture wicking fabric, it will grab hold of perspiration and stopdiscomfort right in its tracks. And when you’re standing in the sun day-in-day-out, thistechnology can make a huge difference.

Rather than the chemically treated moisture wicking products you may be used to, this polo is yarn treated. This means the moisture wicking effect you made the purchase for, won’t die out after you throw it in the wash. It provides a faster drying uniform and more comfort, time and time again.

4. JB’s Hi Vis Contrast Singlet – $16.82

This easy, breezy singlet is made of micro-mesh fabric, is quick drying and easy to care for. Even more, it’s great for those days in the summer sun. Also made of moisture wicking fabric, you and your team will be able to stay cool and dry on the job.

5. JB’s Hi-Vis Flying Jacket – $56.93

On the hunt for the full package, bells and whist les included, but on a shoestring budget? This JB’s Hi-Vis jacket is exactly what you need. It’s waterproof for those rainy days, includes display for a work ID, and internal and external pockets to hold all the knicks and knacks you might collect. Its inners are quilted, with a knitted rib collar for extra warmth. You’ll have everything you need for a day of work,without compromising on style.

With any of these 5 great workwear options, your team will be looking  professional, protected, and united on the worksite. And without breaking the bank. At Printed Workwear, we provide your team with an easy, reliable way to add a more professional touch to your hi vis work uniform. For a small fee, you can add your company logo to all the pieces listed, and any of the workwear options available on our website.

Our process is simple, and provides you with customisation options ranging from embroidery, one colour screen printing, or digital full colour printing.

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